Regular readers of The Sorrowful Putto of Prague will be familiar with the soundtrack that accompanies this comic’s melancholy wandering through the city on the Vltava.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some exceptionally talented musicians contribute to this project over the years, most notably Roger O’Donnell of The Cure. I’m very excited to reveal that as we count down to the publication of the Czech hardback edition of The Sorrowful Putto of Prague this Spring, a very special Czech artist will be adding to our canon of music on this site. More details to follow shortly.

Today I’m proud to unveil a track that I’ve co-written with good friend and former bandmate Adam Howells. Part of a new musical collaboration project ‘And Even After This We Still Won’t Have Any More Hope’, the track is named ‘Farewell, Farewell, You Daughters of Prague’.

The pair of us actually began working on a version of this tune back in 2003 in Dublin. So, it’s taken us a rather long while to arrive here.

Farewell, Farewell was recorded by Adam based on a shockingly low quality demo provided by myself (using my dismal laptop’s internal microphone and utilising the most basic of free recording software). Adam took my initial premise, ignored the multi tracked heavy breathing that cut through the recording (due to me having to sit almost on top of the laptop to record the demo) and worked his not inconsiderable magic.

We’ve had a great few months bouncing ideas back and forth over the interweb as we shaped the final version we now present on the website, Bandcamp (available to buy) and our YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Al Hughes for mixing and Petr Onufer for the ambient Žižkov street sounds. Please make sure to follow our YouTube channel as we’ll be adding plenty of new content in the coming months.