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Below you can find biographies of all the acts who have contributed to this soundtrack.

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Roger O’Donnell: Roger O’Donnell is an English keyboardist best known for his work with The Cure. Also a hugely respected solo artist, his track ‘Evensong’ was commissioned as an accompaniment to the ‘Disintegratio’ story – inspired by The Cure’s magnum opus ‘Disintegration’.  


And Even After All This We Still Won’t Have Any More Hope: And Even After All This We Still Won’t Have Any More Hope is a collaborative musical project founded by James Stafford. Farewell, Farewell, You Daughters of Prague was written by James Stafford with his good friend and former bandmate Adam Howells. The track was recorded by Adam based on a demo created by James. The ambient Zizkov field recording was provided by Petr Onufer and the track was mixed by Al Hughes.


Pretend Thrills: Pretend Thrills are a Welsh music project formed by Adam Howells, Al Hughes and Lloyd Roderick. You can also hear Adam and Al’s current work as part of sixdaydisplay at


God is Awake: A US based project named after a Victor Hugo quote, God is Awake were a project led by Ben Wilson with Grant Beachy. You can hear more at:
You can listen to Ben’s current work as part of Wilson’s Reservoir at


TJH:  TJH je orchestral-ambientni projekt inspirovany gotickou ponurosti a temer mystickymi zmenami vedomi pri absinthovém nocnim bloudeni historickymi castmi starych mest, ktere ozivaji a vypraveji sve hudebni pribehy. 


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