Creative Team

Surprisingly, Xavier’s adventures are not completely based on true events but significant parts are fictional both in nature and visual portrayal.

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Writer and Creator 

James Stafford hails from what many North Americans refer to as Wales, England. He currently lives in Londinium but, as a keen Czechophile, he hopes, very shortly, to settle in The Republic. James writes for a living, either dabbling in sports journalism or ghostwriting for others. He considers Žižkov one of Christendom’s greatest undiscovered wonders.


AJ Bernardo rarely ventures out of his hometown in the Pacific archipelago (named after the syphilitic and incestuous 16th century Spanish King), but hopes to be able to visit Prague someday. He’s been working as a comic book artist for close to a decade now, but still struggles applying shadows on the face of infants. He’s never held a cigarette, enjoys the occasional drunken night or two, and his given name means ‘Angel’.

Raluca Moldovan loves art and synthpop and claims that drawing is her only real qualification. Raluca’s early involvement with The Sorrowful Putto of Prague came after she responded to a request for an artist for the comic on a fansite of British pop gods The Cure. She lives in the seaside town of Constanta, Romania.

Lenka Šimečková is one of The Republic’s rising young stars. A much in-demand artist – already boasting an impressive portfolio of work – her picturesque gothic artwork has won her a cult following. Hailing from Vimperk, Lenka studies at The University of West Bohemia.

Josel Nicolas is from Batangas City, a small port town south of Manila in the Philippines. He is a cat lover with a peculiar passion for breakfast experimentation. A full-time artist, Josel’s early comic inspiration came from Batman and Judge Dredd. Away from The Putto he produces ‘Windmills’ – an ongoing autobiographical comic – and edits various comic anthologies in the Philippines aimed at children and adults.

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Tech Support

Web, tech support and general multimedia agony aunt services is provided by one half of the CMSBBEEFFFTCL organisation. Technical work was carried out between repeated attempts to finally kill/unmask the evil Behind-The-Scenes-Ninja who has plagued the CMS team since 1987.

The Sorrowful Putto of Prague is copyright of James Stafford/Sorrowful Snows Publishing.