“Just read the DOPE ASS “The Sorrowful Putto of Prague”…check it out…you’re in for a treat!”

Samuel L. Jackson

“…[an] atmospheric webcomic steeped in Czech history and folklore…”

The Guardian

“The author’s fantasy knows no bounds and he has a very fertile imagination.”

Mladá fronta Dnes (best selling newspaper in the Czech Republic)

02 NO TEXT Print - The Faithful Witness

“…the mix of stories exude both charm, great characters and have a beguiling and haunting charm and it’s well worth your time to have a read…Let’s hope a British publisher such as Myriad, NoBrow or SelfMadeHero spots the work and publishes it here in the UK too”

John Freeman, downthetubes.net

“….a deeply enjoyable and enthralling title…Xavier may be sorrowful, but if you read this title you most definitely won’t be.”

James Blundell, Pipedream Comics

“Wonderfully irreverent.”

Jan Velinger, Radio Prague

“Stafford is able to hit a lot of emotional notes in a very short space…The Sorrowful Putto of Prague is an excellent tale that mixes dark humor, tragedy, melancholy, and beauty together, hitting every note perfectly.”

Tommy Partl, A Place to Hang Your Cape

“The Sorrowful Putto of Prague brings a strikingly irreverent approach to the city of a thousand spires and one of its more abused images.”

Michael Stein, Ceska Pozice

“A cute little comic…check it out, it’s pretty entertaining.”

The Art History Babes

“The Sorrowful Putto of Prague is a webcomic you can’t stop reading.  Top notch artwork and writing.”

Super Frat

“Stafford and Bernardo have created a unique comic – funny, pleasing to the eye and rich in references to Czech folklore.”

Darius Stanczyk, Magazyn Miłośników Komiksu

“There is some comedy, some sadness, and an abundance of artistry…For me, it’s nearly perfect, everyone else will have to decide for themselves. “

Aaron Sullivan, Comic Crusaders

“Now that’s how you end a story arc…”