The month of October in the land of Bohemia was indeed a productive one for The Sorrowful Putto of Prague. Following on from my appearance on Česká Televize to talk about the comic, I was hugely honoured to be asked to take part in KomiksFEST!.

"Blah, blah, blah..." says James Stafford Copyright KomiksFEST!)

“Blah, blah, blah…” says James Stafford (image Copyright KomiksFEST!)

KomiksFEST! is an internationally respected comic and literature festival established in 2006. Based in Prague, it supports the Czech comic underground scene as well as presenting and bringing together international artists, writers and filmmakers. This year’s event was held at the fantastic Meet Factory, a place I’d wanted to visit for years.

The fabulous 'Meet Factory'

The fabulous ‘Meet Factory’

With the Putto’s obvious Prague and Czech relevance, I was lucky enough to be asked to present on the main stage as part of Saturday’s programme (the festival is almost a week long). I gave a short visual presentation and then had an on stage interview with Tomáš Chlud.

The session was followed by a Q&A with the audience. It was very enjoyable and I think the locals took a Welshman, living in London and writing about Prague in the right spirit!

Announcement for the Putto/'Truchlivý amoret pražský' talk

Announcement for the Putto/’Truchlivý amoret pražský’ talk

I was even more delighted that Czech artist, and Putto team member, Lenka Šimečková was also in attendance. Lenka’s beautiful work was part of the 2015 catalogue for KomiksFEST!.

With Tomáš Chlud onstage at KomiksFEST! 2015

With Tomáš Chlud onstage at KomiksFEST! 2015

Czech publishing announcement

As exciting as this was, there was even more reason for joy as I was able to announce plans to publish The Sorrowful Putto of Prague in actual printed form in the Czech Republic. One of the country’s most respected publishers, Argo, has announced plans to print the Putto in 2016.

All glory to the Wise men and women of Žižkov

All glory to the Wise men and women of Žižkov

To accompany the announcement at KomiksFEST!, small samples of the comic were produced by Argo. This is the first officially printed Putto content. A wonderful piece of history for The Putto and something that meant a lot to me.

All hail…

Special thanks to Petra Nováková for arranging my appearance at the festival and even kindly offering to arrange some kind of special Slavic hat wearing chauffeur from the airport (which I humbly and politely declined).

Massive appreciation for the great team at Argo for their PR, printing and on the day support (with particular thanks to Petr Onufer, Richard Klíčník and Gabriela Kiszová).

Much thanks to old Summer School friends Martina Kavinová (for the amazing interpretation help on the day) and the ever reliable Petra Pémová (superb logistical and moral support).

"Blah, blah, Golem," says James Stafford

“Blah, blah, Golem,” says James Stafford

Finally, thanks to all the friends and family who came on the day to support. It was humbling.

Slávu republice!